Since Edo period, now it's the 10th, the atelier which specializes in making Iron Tea Pot and Iron Kettle.
In order to maintain an excellent quality, even now, all works are handmade, supported by only a few workers.

Chado is one of the Japanese traditional cultures.
Since holding Tea Party mainly includes placing an Iron Pot in a tea room, the most important tool is the Iron Tea Pot.
It is said that Iron Tea Pot works on behalf of the host in a tea room because of its presence. Even after the host left, it stays in the hearth, communicating with guests.
Enjoy the Japanese traditional beauty, Yamagata casting world.

SEIKODO is a small atelier which specializes in making Iron Tea Pots and Iron Kettles. In fact, there are over 60 steps in making each kettle. Every two weeks, we pour melted iron into 50~100 molds. It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to complete making one. 

Since all steps should be performed by hands, mass production is impossible. The completed Iron Tea Pots and Iron Kettles are quite refined and impressive. Each of them appears to breath gently. You can feel relaxed and peaceful by just having one of them with you.

The lid of the iron kettle is copper and the knob is silver.

The beautiful pattern that emerges from the copper is your own original pattern, the only one in the world.