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Japanese Sake is currently enjoying global popularity. At Est LiLas, we offer rare and luxurious sake options that might not be widely known. Many of the premium sakes we handle utilize the pure spring water from Mount Fuji, renowned for its rich mineral content and smooth texture. This unique water source contributes to the exquisite flavors of the sake.
Most of our premium sake selections are crafted using the pristine spring water from Mount Fuji, known for its abundant minerals and silky-smooth mouthfeel. This exceptional water source enhances the complexity of the sake's taste.

The charm of sake spans a diverse range, blending cultural and culinary allure. Its history spans centuries, embodying the craftsmanship and artistry deeply rooted in Japanese culture.
One of its hallmarks is the intricate brewing process, where rice is meticulously polished to reveal its essence. The harmony of water, rice, yeast, and koji creates a symphony of flavors, ranging from delicate and floral aromas to robust and intricate tastes.
Beyond its taste, sake offers a gateway to Japanese traditions and values. It plays a role in fostering connections, from ceremonial toasts to casual conversations among friends. Sake embodies age-old traditions and provides enthusiasts with a beverage and an opportunity to savor the cultural legacy of elegance and refinement.

Est LiLas also offers a selection of shochu, a traditional Japanese distilled spirit. Among them, one highly recommended choice is the "HAYATEFUJI," which falls under the category of authentic Imo Shochu. This term refers to a high-quality spirit made from sweet potatoes, a staple ingredient in Japan.
The "HAYATEFUJI" we carry is a rare collaboration between the natural water from the foothills of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture and the expertise of "Kurose Yasumitsu," a master brewer from Kagoshima Prefecture. This unique shochu embodies the essence of both regions.
With no off-notes and a harmonious blend of umami and smoothness, this shochu delivers the pure essence of sweet potatoes straightforwardly. The "HAYATEFUJI" offers a truly exceptional taste that showcases the ingredients' natural flavors.

This masterpiece was crafted to capture the essence of Mount Fuji, an embodiment of Japan's spirit, in its finest form. Encasing Mount Fuji within the bottle and filling it with the quintessential Japanese sake made from rice expresses the essence of "Japan's goodness." The name "飛竜乗雲" (Hiryu Joun) carries the wish that everyone gathered around this bottle may lead a magnificent life akin to the grandeur of Mount Fuji.
Offering both Junmai Daiginjo and authentic rice shochu, this selection encapsulates the spirit of Japan. It serves as an ideal gift for those cherished individuals.

The Mount Fuji Glass is designed with practicality in mind. The bottom of the glass is intricately designed to resemble Mount Fuji as closely as possible. The color of your beverage reflects on the mountain's surface, allowing you to enjoy various expressions of Mount Fuji. Elevate your experience with this premium glass and savor moments of elegance.