Collection: WAJIMANURI

Wajima-Nuri Wajima-Nuri

"Wajima-Nuri" is a traditional Japanese lacquerware produced near Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The allure of Wajima-Nuri lies in its exquisite ornamentation and advanced craftsmanship.

Wajima-Nuri is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from scratch. Mainly, the lacquer application and finishing process demands extensive care, requiring the expertise of seasoned artisans. The warmth and dedication of these artisans' handiwork are infused into Wajima-Nuri lacquerware, resulting in each product possessing a unique personality and allowing for a sense of joy.

Wajima-Nuri is distinguished by its vibrant color palette, intricate patterns, and elaborate decorations using gold and silver powders. A wide array of designs and motifs grace the lacquerware, with their delicacy and beauty serving as their charm. While traditional Japanese color schemes are utilized in Wajima-Nuri lacquerware, modern color palettes have also been embraced. This diverse range of colors contributes to the captivating and unique nature of Wajima-Nuri creations.

While honoring traditional techniques and designs that date back to ancient times, Wajima-Nuri also incorporates new ideas and styles to cater to modern needs. As a result, individuals of various ages and preferences can delight in lacquerware that suits their tastes. Wajima-Nuri is deeply intertwined with Japan's culture and history. It has found its place in diverse cultural contexts, such as tea ceremonies and traditional Japanese events. Consequently, Wajima-Nuri offers a pathway to experience Japan's aesthetic sensibilities and spirituality. Additionally, in recent times, Wajima-Nuri has extended its craft to encompass many items, including tea utensils, trays, stationery, accessories, and tableware.