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Est Lilas.

The brand name "Est" symbolizes the East and East Asia, drawing inspiration from their cultures and aesthetic awareness. "LiLas" is the French name for the beautiful Salsbury flower, embodying elegance and charm. Skilled artisans in Japan adeptly blend traditional techniques and cutting-edge production methods to craft an elegant and refined "Japanese unique ultimate beauty."

Moreover, Est LiLas goes beyond providing products; we value precious natural resources and strive for environmentally friendly materials sourcing. Our commitment extends to sourcing eco-friendly products.


Japanese Sake is currently enjoying global popularity. At Est LiLas, we offer rare and luxurious sake options that might not be widely known. Many of the premium sakes we handle utilize the pure spring water from Mount Fuji, renowned for its rich mineral content and smooth texture. This unique water source contributes to the exquisite flavors of the sake.

"Est LiLas JEWELRY" crafts its pieces with the motto of "one of a kind," utilizing exceptional craftsmanship, intricate designs, and delicacy to create unique offerings.

These items reflect Japan's history, traditions, culture, and aesthetic sensibilities spanning centuries, imbuing them with uniqueness and allure. Crafted by artisans' hands, these traditional items exemplify meticulous techniques and the warmth of manual craftsmanship, lending a distinctive value and quality to each product. The myriad of conventional Japanese things is widely recognized as symbolic of Japan. They are cherished both within the country and internationally, often embraced as souvenirs, showcasing their popularity.

Est Lilas beauty products are crafted at a facility nestled at the foothills of the Southern Alps, embraced by bountiful nature. Leveraging the rich soil and pristine water, we are committed to producing high-quality items that prioritize safety and reassurance. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the aromas, tastes, hues, textures, lingering sensations, and overall sensory experience rivaling professional spas. We invite you to indulge in the finest hospitality that resonates with all five senses.

​​"Wajima-Nuri" is a traditional Japanese lacquerware produced near Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The allure of Wajima-Nuri lies in its exquisite ornamentation and advanced craftsmanship.