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Wajimanuri hanger

Wajimanuri hanger

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"Craftsmanship" of the world's highest standard and the "tradition" of Wajima lacquer has given birth to the "finest luxury hanger."

Adorning garments to be more lustrous and dazzling embodies the essence of thoughtful care and hospitality. Not only for your own clothing but especially for the attire of your loved ones. Whether in the executive office of a company, the entrance of a home, or a guest room, it is perfectly suitable. It's an ideal choice for gifting as well.

Since our establishment, we have steadfastly adhered to the Wajima lacquer technique the Agency for Cultural Affairs certified. The Wajima lacquerware offered by Est Lilas is consistently crafted by the officially recognized Wajima lacquer technique endorsed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


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