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Coco de Claire White Bubble Mask (5 sheets)

Coco de Claire White Bubble Mask (5 sheets)

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A cleansing mask that creates a fuzzy bubble when applied to the skin. The dense foam removes dirt and dead skin cells from pores, leaving your skin smooth and flawless. 100% natural cotton, gentle on the skin.
The pure white, fluffy foam gently foams when placed on the skin. The rich, dense foam penetrates into pores and lifts away dirt, sebum, keratin, and makeup that tends to remain. It takes care of the accumulated damage caused by dryness and UV rays, leading to one-tone-up, bright, and smooth skin.
The sheets are made from 100% natural cotton, which is gentle on the skin. The unique formula is also synthetic fragrance-free, synthetic colorant-free, synthetic surfactant-free, and silicone-free to reduce irritation.


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