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Mt.Fuji Nodori Koshu Junmai Ginjo

Mt.Fuji Nodori Koshu Junmai Ginjo

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"Fujisan Nouchou Junmai Ginjo" is a dry-style Japanese sake with a well-balanced taste and aroma characterized by a stable and elegant interplay of rice and alcohol. It embodies simplicity without unnecessary complexity, offering a pronounced dryness and a firm acidity typical of the dry sake category.

This sake features a clean and clear aroma derived from the simple and uncomplicated combination of rice and alcohol, with a touch of nobility and vibrancy. The fragrance is subtly blended with a hint of sweetness from the rice. While there is a refreshing fruity aroma reminiscent of plums, it is presented in a restrained manner.

Alcohol Content: 14%

Polishing Ratio: 60% (Sake Meter Value +4, Acidity 1.2)

Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji


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