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Shunnouten Junmai Daiginjo

Shunnouten Junmai Daiginjo

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Awarded the Excellence Prize at the 2018 Tokyo National Tax Agency Liquor Appraisal. This flagship product, "Shun'noten," is meticulously crafted by polishing the sake-appropriate rice "Yamadanishiki" to a polishing ratio of 40% and brewed with the skill and dedication of our toji (master brewer). The product is named after the renowned female poet "Yosano Akiko," her handwritten calligraphy is used on the label. It provides a smoothly enjoyable drinking experience with a profound and elegant flavor, allowing you to savor a leisurely moment. The label color is inspired by the color of the rice koji.


Alcohol Content: 15%

Ingredients: Rice (Domestic), Rice Koji (Domestic Rice), Brewing AlcoholContent Volume: 720ml


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