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Shunnouten Junmai Ginjo

Shunnouten Junmai Ginjo

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Our brewery produces a variety of "locally produced and locally consumed" sake, using the sake-appropriate rice "Tamazakae" cultivated in the local Fujikawa town and the finest spring water from the southernmost tip of the Southern Alps. While many of our offerings are dry and have a sharp character, in April 2018, we introduced "Shun'noten" Junmai Ginjo, which features a delicately sweet aroma and a balanced acidity, a refreshing taste, and a distinct umami richness. This sake complements not only Japanese cuisine but also Western dishes, making it suitable as a versatile accompaniment to various dishes. The label color is inspired by the plumage of a nightingale.

Alcohol Content:15%
Ingredients: Rice (Domestic), Rice Koji (Domestic Rice), Brewing Alcohol
Content Volume: 720ml


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